About us

When Meditrade GmbH was founded in the year 1988 under the maxim “Protection All Along the Line”, it was first known as a manufacturer of medical disposable gloves, caps and masks as well as disinfection products. Meanwhile, Meditrade has become one of the largest medical device manufacturers in Europe and is wellknown as a strong systempartner and provider for complete supply of healthcare facilities. Acquisition and continuous expansion of worldwide shareholding in leading companies, which produce the core range using state-of-the-art production facilities, have been an essential part of the corporate strategy from the very beginning.

Purchasing the 90 years old traditional company Karl Beese in 2010, Meditrade further expanded towards high-quality dressing materials and incontinence products.
We build on our expert knowledge and are constantly developing innovative products to offer the utmost professional solution with maximum cost efficiency.

In order to meet the increasing requirements in our function as a system partner, we can benefit from coordinating all process sequences with our two own logistical centres – South (Kiefersfelden) and North (Barsbüttel / Hamburg). Moreover, we are adapting modern logistical procedures to our customers’ requests at any time.


Key Areas

Customer proximity is very important for us. We consider ourselve as manufacturer and system partner for the complete supply of hospitals and clinically orientated facilities with medical devices and their services as well as retail partners.
Meditrade GmbH supplies clientele of all interest groups acting on the German and European health care market.

As a service provider, Meditrade commissions and delivers medical disposables in full product ranges to university hospitals, hospital chains, retailers, nursing homes, industrial companies, health insurance companies, doctors and as well as end customers.
We are developing core competences in form of individual concepts with our customers on a mutual basis.

In the continuously changing healthcare market, we assist our customers to exploit synergies and to release necessary liquidity directly.
Meditrade GmbH is a reliable, efficient and acknowledged contracting partner of health insurance companies – as your service provider, we account directly with all of them.
To achieve our goals we trust in our close contact to customers, German and Europe-wide client support by application consultants in the field service and high qualified customer service as well as the further development of our products.

Supply-Chain-Management raises profitabilities and at the same time, it guarantees our customers a comprehensive solution for high quality and innovative medical products.
This holistic patient care in connection with tailormade needs is still the major challenge for cost-effective procurement.
Thanks to our high standards and market proximity, we possess enormous knowledge to show you and further optimise matching products for your special applications in the entire system.