Disinfection coronavirus – required spectrum of efficacy

Disinfectants that are effective against enveloped viruses should be used to inactivate coronavirus 2019-nCoV. In the current VAH-list, these are all disinfectants that meet at least the criterion of limited virucidal activity. Disinfectants with alcoholic ingredients are recommended, since they inactivate enveloped viruses quickly.

The following disinfectants from our company meet these requirements:

 Ethasept® 01005_Ethasept 1000ml

Our alcohol-based hand antiseptic product for personal hygiene

For hygienic and surgical hand disinfection for all areas of human hygiene with high demands on hand hygiene: Clinics, medical practices, ambulances, care facilities, industrial and laboratory areas. Ready to use. Keep hands / forearms moist during application. Observe standard methods for hygienic (EN 1500) and surgical (EN 12791) hand disinfection.

  • Acts very quickly and throughly as a bactericide, yeasticide, tuberculocide (coronavirus: 60 sec.)
  • very quick and effective against all enveloped viruses BVDV / vaccinia (incl. HCV / HBV / HIV)
  • thoroughly effective against the non-enveloped viruses rota, adeno, polio and noro virus (virucidal effective according to EN 14476)
  • effective against MRSA
  • perfume and colouring-free
  • very good skin compatibility – Dermatologically tested by: “very good”
  • also examined for skin disinfection
  • evaluated according to the standard methods of DGHM, EN 1500 and EN 12791 as well as the RKI recommendations
  • for efficacy against viruses
  • VAH listed, IHO-listed
  • Available in 150ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottle


Alcoman® Gel 00965_Alcoman-Gel 150ml

Our hand disinfektion in handy gel version

For all areas with increased demands on hand hygiene: Clinics, medical practices, ambulances, care facilities, industrial, commercial and laboratory areas, leisure and bathing facilities. Ideal for mobile activities. Ready to use. For hygienic hand disinfection according to DIN EN 1500 min. 3 ml for 30 seconds thoroughly rub in undiluted and without adding water. Avoid weak spots.

  • acts quickly and thoroughly in 30 sec. (coronavirus: 60 sec.)
  • thoroughly effective against bacteria and yeast fungi
  • limited virucidal against all enveloped viruses: BVDV / vaccinia (incl. HCV / HBV / HIV) and noro viruses (MNV)
  • evaluated according to the standard methods of DGHM and DIN EN 1500 as well as the RKI recommendations on effectiveness against viruses
  • without colourings
  • very good skin compatibility even with frequent use
  • VAH listed
  • Available in 150ml and 500ml bottle


Medizid® Rapid+00976+_Medizid_Rapid+_1L_Flasche

Highly effective, ready-to-use rapid disinfection for alcohol-resistant surfaces and objects

Remove visible dirt before disinfection. Wet surfaces completely with Medizid® Rapid+ and distribute the disinfectant solution with a hygienic, clean disposable cloth if necessary. Observe the exposure times. Keep the surface moist for the entire contact time. For professional use only. Not suitable for disinfection of semi-critical and critical medical devices. If necessary, check material resistance in inconspicuous places.

  • aldehyde-free
  • bactericidal ( incl- MRSA), levurozid effecitive
  • fungicide effective
  • mycobactericide effective
  • tuberculocide effective
  • limited virucidal effective
  • limited vicucidal PLUS effecitve ( effective against enveloped viruses and additionally against adenoviruses, noroviruses, rotaviruses)
  • virucide effective (coronavirus: 60 sec.)
  • VAH listed
  • Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml bottle/ canister and disinfection wipes small and large


Medizid® Rapid QF Flowpack00976FP_Medizid Rapid QF Flowpack

Our ready-to-use, alcohol based hygienic wipes for disinfecting and cleaning medical device surfaces and medical device items

For all alcohol resistant medical devices, surfaces and objects, in particular for device surfaces and objects near the patient in clinics, practices, ambulances and care areas. Medizid® Rapid QF disinfectant wipes (Flowpack) are ready to use. The surfaces and objects to be disinfected are to be carefully wiped off with the Medizid® Rapid wipe and completely wetted. Exposure time: 60 seconds according to EN 16615 (4-field test).

  • effectiveness of the impregnation solution Medizid ® Rapid
  • ready to use
  • aldehyde-free
  • very fast and comprehensively effective in 15 sec. (coronavirus: 60 sec.)
  • bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal effect (including M. terrae), mycobactericidal, virus-inactivating (including HBV / HIV)
  • effective against enveloped viruses: BVDV (HCV) and vaccinia according to the current recommendation of the RKI
  • MRSA effective and tested (1 min)
  • residue-free
  • pleasant smell
  • good material compatibility
  • virucide effective according to 14476 (Polio / Adeno)
  • noro viruses and SV40 tested