Hand DIsinfection


Product Type

Alcoman® gel is a ready-to-use, alcohol- and gel-based product to be rubbed onto the hands for hygienic hand disinfection. The product is applied without water. Ideal for use on the go.


For all areas with stringent requirements for hand hygiene: hospitals, general practice,
out-patient units, care facilities,  manufacturing, skilled trades and lab work.


Ready-to-use. For hygienic hand disinfection (DIN EN 1500), rub at least 3 ml of the product onto hands for 30 seconds, undiluted and without the addition of water. For professional use only.

Product Properties

  • Effective bactericide and yeasticide, “Limited virucide” rating
  • Dermatologically tested: “Very good”
  • Listed by the German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH)


Active substance in 100 ml: 70 ml  2-propanol; other ingredients: gelling agents, moisturisers, perfume

Shelf life

3 years (see label). Shelf life after breaking seal: 12 months. Keep containers tightly closed. Warehousing and storage under standard storage conditions (protect from moisture, direct sunlight, heat and frost).

Application: Conc. / Application time

Wirksamkeiten15 sek.30 sek.1 min. /
60 sek.
1,5 min. /
90 sek.
2 min. /
120 sek.
Hygienische Händedesinfektion
gem. EN 1500 / VAH
Begrenzt viruzid gemäß EN 14476+
Noro ( MNV)+
Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) / alle behüllten Viren+

Order information

00961100 ml24 Flaschen11169713
00966500 ml 18 Flaschen11169736