The hand disinfection

Product type

Ready-to-use, alcohol-based antiseptic for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Excellent skin compatibility. Especially  suited to frequent application. Dermatologically tested. Acts quickly and thoroughly.


For hygienic hand disinfection, rub 3 ml of the product onto the hands and keep these moist for a period of 30 seconds. For surgical hand disinfection, keep rubbing 3 ml doses  of the product into the hands, to keep the  entire hand surface wet for 90 seconds. Make sure that the hands are wetted all over for the entire time specified.

Product Properties

  • For hygienic and surgical hand disinfection
  • “Limited virucide PLUS” rating
  • Listed by the German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH)


Active substances in 100 g: 70 ml 2-propanol

Shelf life

Shelf life: 3 years (see label). Shelf life after breaking seal: 12 months. Keep container tightly closed. Warehousing and storage under standard storage conditions (protect from moisture, direct sunlight, heat and frost).


Application: Conc. / Application time:

Wirkamkeiten15 sek.30 sek. 1 min. / 60 sek.1,5 min. / 90 sek.2 min. / 120 sek.
Hygienische Händedesinfektion
gem. EN 1500
Chirurgische Händedesinfektion
gem. EN 12791
Viruswirksamkeit nach EN 14476
begrenzt viruzid nach EN 14476
(niedrige Belastung)
begrenzt viruzid PLUS nach EN 14476
(niedrige Belastung)
(niedrige Belastung)
(niedrige Belastung)
Adeno (niedrige Belastung)+

Regulatory requirements

Alcoman® + is not a medicinal product and is subject to biocide legislation. Use biocides with care. Always read the label and product information leaflet before use! Type 1  biocide product (“biocide products for human hygiene”)

Order information

01007B150 ml24 Flaschen13814980
00978B500 ml 18 Flaschen13814997
00983B1 l10 Flaschen13815040
00984B5 l2 Kanister13815057