Alcohol-based hygiene wipes for the disinfection of medical device surfaces and objects


Product type

Medizid® Rapid QF Flowpack is  impregnated with the very fast-acting fluid
from the alcohol-based product Medizid® Rapid. The hygiene wipes are therefore a good choice for disinfecting medical device surfaces and objects used in medical  applications, and in the patient’s immediate environment between treatments and  interventions.


For all alcohol-resistant medical devices, surfaces and objects, especially for
device surfaces/objects in the patient’s immediate environment in hospitals,
general practice, outpatient units and nursing units.


Medizid® Rapid QF disinfectant wipes (flowpack) are ready-to-use. The surfaces and objects to be disinfected are wiped down with the Medizid®
Rapid wipe, ensuring that the surface/object is wetted thoroughly. Exercise care with alcohol-susceptible materials. Do not use for the disinfection of invasive devices.

Product Properties

  • Aldehyde-free
  • Effective bactericide, yeasticide, mycobactericide and fungicide, “Limited virucide PLUS” rating
  • Effective against MRSA
  • Listed by the German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH)

Application time

Wirksamkeiten30 sek.1 Min.5 Min.
Wirksamkeit gemäß EN 16615
Praxistest (für Tücher) bekterizid, levurozid inkl. 4.Feldertest (hohe Belastung): Biowipes
Wirksamkeiten der Tränklösung:
Einwirkzeiten für den Hygienebereich
Bakterizid, levurozid EN 16615
(hohe Belastung)
Bakterizid, Levurozid EN 13727, EN 13624
(hohe Belastung)
Mykobakterizid nach VAH-Methode 9
(hohe Belastung)
Tuberkulozid EN 14348
(geringe Belastung)
Einwirkzeiten für den Lebensmittelbereich
Bakterizid EN 1276 (niedrige Belastung)+
Levurozid EN 1650 (niedrige Belastung)+
Bakterizid / Levurozid EN 13697
(niedrige Belastung)
Viruswirksamkeiten nach EN 14476
begrenzt viruzid PLUS+


Active substances in 100 g: 50 g ethanol

Shelf life

3 years (see label). Shelf life after breaking seal: 28 days. Keep containers tightly closed. Use moist wipes only. Warehousing and storage under standard storage conditions (protect from moisture, direct sunlight, heat and frost).

Regulatory Requirements

Medizid® Rapid QF Flowpack is not a medicinal product and is subject to biocide legislation. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Type 1 biocide product (“biocide products for human hygiene”), biocide reg. no. N-75574.

Order information

00976FPCa. 22 x 20 cm
80 Stück

12 Packungen