Gentle Skin® compact+

Our latex glove for improved hygiene



  • Latex examination glove, colour natural (DIN EN 455 standard)
  • Popular disposable glove in the industrial sector
  • Secure grip
  • Powder-free
  • Micro-roughened
  • Elastic and tear resistant
  • Ambidextrous fit
  • Suitable for contact with food


Can be used in the industrial sector and in food processing. Ideal for household and cleaning.

Order information

SizeREFBox contentsShipping unitPZN
XS 1221XSI100 pcs10 boxes05522453
S 1221SI100 pcs10 boxes05522447
M 1221MI100 pcs10 boxes05522430
L 1221LI100 pcs10 boxes05522424
XL 1221XLI100 pcs10 boxes05521198