NITRIL® Sensory®

Our touch-sensitive nitrile examination gloves


  • Nitrile examination glove, colour blue, violet-blue and white (DIN EN 455 standard)
  • Protective glove according to PSA
  • Powder-, protein- and latex-free
  • Micro-roughened
  • Elastic and tear resistant
  • Ambidextrous fit, with rolled edge
  • Suitable for contact with food


Suitable for handling cleaning products and disinfectants and for other applications in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, for professional cleaning, catering and food handling in general. Suitable for users with a diagnosed latex allergy (type I).

Order information

SizeREFBox contentsShipping unitPZN
XS2283XS200 pcs10 boxes14310075
S 2283S200 pcs10 boxes14272305
M 2283M200 pcs10 boxes14272311
L 2283L200 pcs10 boxes14272328
XL 2283XL200 pcs10 boxes14272334

SizeREFBox contentsShipping unitPZN
XS2280XS200 pcs10 boxes14306783
S 2280S200 pcs10 boxes14272268
M 2280M200 pcs10 boxes14272274
L 2280L200 pcs10 boxes14272280
XL 2280XL200 pcs10 boxes14272297

violet blue

SizeREFBox contentsShipping unitPZN
XS2285XS200 pcs10 boxes
S2285S200 pcs10 boxes
M2285M200 pcs10 boxes
L2285L200 pcs10 boxes
XL2285XL200 pcs10 boxes