VINYL 2000 Stretch PF

Our highly elastic vinyl examination glove


  • Latex-free examination glove (DIN EN 455 standard)
  • Powder-free
  • Higher elasticity and density compared to conventional vinyl gloves
  • With rolled edge
  • Ambidextrous fit
  • Vinyl is suitable for use as a latex substitute for users
    and patients with a diagnosed (type I) latex allergy.


The inexpensive, latex-free and comfortable alternative for care work. Suitable for use in the manufacturing sector.
Thanks to its features and cost-effectiveness, it is ideal for applications with a very high consumption of disposable gloves.

Order information

SizeREFBox contentsShipping unitPZN
S 1253S100 pcs10 boxes 09544664
M 1253M100 pcs10 boxes 09544670
L 1253L100 pcs10 boxes 09544687
XL 1253XL100 pcs10 boxes 09544724