The surgical underglove made from latex



  • Powder-free latex surgical underglove, colour green (DIN EN 455 standard)
  • Can be combined with any primary surgical glove
  • Anatomical fit modelled on natural hand posture
  • Left and right handed, with rolled edge
  • Packed in pairs
  • Sterile (ISO 11137-2 standard)


As a surgical underglove for use in double-gloving for greater safety during operations. Double-gloving increases the
level of protection from contamination and infection by reducing the risk of  perforation. Suitable for invasive  interventions, especially for high-risk patients, as well as for emergency service use and interventions with a much higher risk of pathogen transfer.

Order information

SizeREFBox contentsShipping unitPZN
6120200150 pairs4 boxes
6,5120200250 pairs4 boxes
7120200350 pairs4 boxes
7,5120200450 pairs4 boxes
8120200550 pairs4 boxes
8,5120200650 pairs4 boxes
9120200750 pairs4 boxes