Respima FFP2

Disposable respirator mask


  • FFP2 half mask according to EN 149:2001
  • Personal protective equipment according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • Protective mask color white according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009
  • 5-ply, white outer surface
  • Without valve
  • For single use only
  • Non-sterile

Check prior to use

  1. The mask body is in good condition and without deformation.
  2. The ear loops are well attached to the mask.
  3. The nose clip is well attached to the mask.
  4. The expiration date has not been exceeded yet.
  5. See the information provided by the manufacturer.


  1. Not suitable for workplaces where open flames are present, e.g. welding, casting, etc.
  2. Not suitable for professional protective use, e.g. in environments with oxygen deficiency and toxic gases.
  3. Not for medical use.
    Intended for single use only. Dispose of the mask after use according to local regulations.
  4. Do not wear the mask for more than 8 hours. If breathing becomes difficult, the mask is damaged or deformed, or no longer fits properly, replace the mask immediately.
  5. Do not use the mask with beards or facial hair that may interfere with contact between the face and the edge of the mask.
  6. Failure to follow all instructions and restrictions for use of this product may reduce the effectiveness of the mask.

Application instructions

1. unfold the mask.

2. Hold the ear loops with both hands, position the mask under the chin and cover the mouth and nose.

3. place the ear loops on the ears.

Adjust the nosepiece to the shape of the nose with both hands.

5. Um zu prüfen, ob die Maske richtig sitzt, legen Sie beide Hände über die Maske und atmen Sie kräftig aus. Wenn Luft um die Nase herum austritt, ziehen Sie den Nasenbügel fester, wenn Luft um den Rand herum austritt, positionieren Sie die Ohrschlaufen neu, um einen besseren Sitz zu erreichen. Überprüfen Sie die Abdichtung erneut und wiederholen Sie den Vorgang, bis die Maske richtig abgedichtet ist.

Order information

80-804FFP2 NR, KSC001Without valve, individually packed20 pcs per box; 40 boxes per carton