body wash system without soap and water


The cloths contained in BagBath® have a pleasant and very discreet fragrance. They consist made of a special fabric mixture, the one high tear resistance guaranteed. Moisturising Ingredients and clinically tested formulas for the ingredients ensure the protection of the skin against irritations.


The pack is easy to open and close again, even when wearing gloves. Wash bowls, soap, water, flannels, towels and Pflegelotion become no longer needed! Compatible with eyes and mucous membranes.

BagBath® enables hospitals and care centres to to improve the quality of their patients’ skin care, and while saving time and money at the same time.

The application without soap and water also preserving the natural acid mantle of the patient’s skin and no bacterial breeding ground remains due to soap residues back on the skin.


Covering all areas of the body:
BagBath® ensures complete body hygiene. One pack contains 8 wipes – one for each body region.


Advantages for the patient:

  • Avoidance of smear infection from conventional washing utensils like rags and towel.
  • Preventing cross-contamination by eliminating reusable washing materials.
  • Washing with BagBath® carries less risk for operated patients, intubated, traumatised and immobile patients, as no additional relocation due to wet bed linen is necessary.

Special heatable packaging:
➟ Microwave + BagBath®

  • Thermal diffusion causes a deeper cleaning of the skin.
  • Most patients prefer the feeling of the warm bath.
  • Heat prevents the cooling down of the patient.

Special, coolable packaging:
➟ Refrigerator + BagBath®

  • Refreshing and cooling effect on patients in summer temperatures.
  • Intensive care units can therefore gentle on feverish patients wash.

Easy disposal:
➟ Trash can
As a disposable product BagBath® can be simple and uncomplicated with the normal household waste can be disposed of. When washing quarantined patients must use the in-house

Disposal regulations must be observed.

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Box contents

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25 x 20 cm

8 cloths

30 boxes