ABE® extra

Our short-stretch bandage for support and compression bandages


  • Powerful, fabric elastic compression bandage
  • Short-stretch
  • Open, air-permeable structure
  • Fully stretched length 5 m (approx.)
  • 100% cotton
  • With bandage clips


For strong compression. Suitable for opposing bandaging techniques, according to Pütter. For stabilising, relief and fixation during the treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

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14218 cm x 5 m1 Stück72 Packungen01364402
142210 cm x 5 m1 Stück36 Packungen01364394
17356 cm x 5 m10 Stück10 Packungen08490759
17368 cm x 5 m10 Stück10 Packungen08490765
173710 cm x 5 m10 Stück5 Packungen08490771
173812 cm x 5 m10 Stück5 Packungen08490788