ABE® Tubular net bandages

Our elastic fixing mesh tube


  • Elastic tube bandage
  • Simple to use
  • Can be cut anywhere to fit
  • Binding prevents bandage unravelling further
  • Seamless to avoid creating pressure points
  • Follows anatomical contours to ensure a good fit


For fixing bandages and padding materials. Scissors can be used to cut a hole in the mesh
material, so as to permit patients to exclude parts of the body (such as the thumb with a
hand bandage) from being wrapped in the bandage. Suitable for use on joints, tapered and
rounded body parts.

Order information


51642,2 cm x 25 m, Gr. 3 Unterarm1 Stück10 Packungen03065804
51662,5 cm x 25 m, Gr. 4 Oberarm1 Stück8 Packungen03065810
51704 cm x 25 m, Gr. 5 Bein1 Stück5 Packungen03065827
51725,5 cm x 25 m, Gr. 6 Kopf1 Stück4 Packungen03065833
51766,2 cm x 25 m, Gr. 7 Rumpf1 Stück4 Packungen03065856
51808 cm x 25 m, Gr. 8 Rumpf XXL1 Stück3 Packungen03065862