ABE® Fixation non-woven fabric

Our self-adhesive non-woven fixing material


  • Self-adhesive non-woven fixing material, white
  • Stretchable widthways (min. 100%)
  • Less risk of the integrated wound pad sticking to the wound
  • Coated with polyacrylate adhesive


For covering and fixing large bandaged areas
in medical applications. For securing  cannulas, drainage tubes, probes, catheters, measuring instruments, etc. For securing bandages to joints, and other round/tapered parts of the body.

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44705 cm x 10 m1 Stück50 Packungen06168663
447110 cm x 10 m1 Stück24 Packungen06168686
447215 cm x 10 m1 Stück24 Packungen06168692
447320 cm x 10 m1 Stück52 Packungen06168700